28. mars 2010

Sunday 28.3 - Testing Blackcomb Mountain

Breakfast? :-) VERY nice chocolate shop! Think Ian will be a regular customer! Found this shop luckily after having had our omelette breakfast downtown. Just had to go in and try the apples. The Bunny versions were cute, but all the "homemade" chocolate tempted me more. Good girl and bought just one.. small..

Today we tried the Blackcomb mountain area. Our hotel is just in very short walking distance from the Wizard Express pist. The chairlifts were superb, very fast and effective. We had no queues all day. Not even the first one! Blackcomb Mountain was a great area! And very big! I don't think we will be able to try out all the runs at Blackcomb and Whistler Mountain before we leave. Much bigger than expected, and I expected it big!

Here Ian is trying out one of the runs from The Seventh Heaven chairlift. The weather is nice, despite of the grey weather down in the village. We had fantastic snow conditions, and the snowbase today is 320 cm!! We learnt not to trust the weather in the village. All of our preferred pists of today were above the grey weather :-) There were, however, dramatic weather changes within only 15 minutes, so you cannot be too sure...

This evening we have relaxed and done nothing, too exhausted and excited to "do" Whistler Village by night. What a great start!


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