30. mars 2010

Monday 29.3 - Huge amounts of snow!

Getting up early, about 6 o'clock in the morning... Still a bit jetlag, but "the right way" to get us up early for the lifts without any trouble. I has been snowing heavily. We jump on the Wizard lift at 9, ready to go! And what meets us on top of Solar Coaster Express? 35 cm of new snow. HURRAH!

This is just lovely! The top most lifts both in Whistler and Blackcomb mountains are closed because of wind, but that means nothing. We have about 1200 meters altitude to play with anyway, and with this new powder snow its definately more than enough! Here I am more or less covered in snow. Great fun!!! :-)

Found this lovely girl with a bunch of other smaller kids taking ski lessons. She just has to be an American... Now off for an early dinner. We had to give up after 4 hours playing in the new snow. Nearly no pists were groomed, so it was heavy work all the way. Got our muscles exercised today :-)


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