2. april 2010

Friday 2.4 - Relaxing day

After 5 days on snowboard we decide to just have half a day in the mountains. We need to charge our bodies for the last two days. The snow is dumping and visibility is low, so this is a good choice. Estimated snow today is 10-20 cms with another 10 cm tonight. The 7th Heaven area has been closed most of today, so tomorrow we will have a pristine powder mountain waiting only for us! Optimistic we are :-)

Just had to share this ski-/snowboard lessons sign from this morning on top of the chairlift Solar Express. I definately like what is on the menu :-)

It is lunchtime and I am in for a treat. Asian Cuisine and Starbucks' Caramel Frappuchino afterwards. Oh life is unfair... ;-)

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