2. april 2010

Thursday 1.4 - Another day in paradise

This morning we expected sun and blue sky, but instead we have cloudy weather and snow is starting to fall again. We have a bit "late" start at 9:45 and try the Excalibur gondola from Upper Village and end up on top of the Blackcomb mountain to check out the western runs we haven't tried yet. The weather is foggy at the top so our new goggles really are in their right element today. And they work perfect!

Check out the Sniffle Station, by the way! There is definately a first time for everything. I have never seen one of these before, but wow how convenient! No sniffling in the chairlifts for sure :-)

We play around in the western part of Blackcomb most of the day, first mainly because of the wind direction and second because I wanted to try the waffles at Crystal Hut for lunch :-) It starts snowing when we go for lunch to conquer two heavily laden waffles. Yumm...  Too bad it takes us 1 hour 10 mins to get them!! Busy restaurant...

But the waiting for the waffles was definately worth the wait. Not because of the waffles themselves, but for the 6-7 cms of new, fresh, pristine snow that had dumped on top of the well groomed pists while we waited for our lunch. We have three LOVELY runs of the long Ridge Runner that really made the day! Sore muscles, tired backs and happy faces reports from the Canadian mountains also today :-)

And the evening? In bed, with a good book, some bad tv-programs and the pc. Too tired to go to town. The Mongolian Grill have to wait until tomorrow...

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