1. april 2010

Wednesday 31.3 - Here comes the sun!

Not too early today. Yesterday was a bit hard on our legs, so we had a quick trip down to Whistler village first to buy Ian some new goggles he put aside yesterday we were out shopping. Goggles for poor visibility, fog and snowy weather. And today? HERE COMES THE SUN :-) Must have been Ians goggles decision... Wise! :-)

From Whistler we take the Blackcomb gondola towards the top. A lot of the yesterdays powdered runs are groomed today. That's good and bad. Good for our legs though...Instead of doing the groomed pists we find the powder in between the trees. The whole area is covered in lovely trees, and without much wind the snow has made the mountains postcard pretty. Imagine to play all day on snowboards in these conditions:

And we still haven't visited the Whistler mountain! We leave that for tomorrow :-) Lunch again at our favourite Rendezvous restaurant before we take the long decent down to our hotel. Another very successful day in the mountains are over. Well back home at our hotel room we read the weather forecast for the rest of our stay. Guess what... We are in for another powder dump!!! Expected snow is: Friday 15-25cm, Saturday 5-10cm and Sunday 10-15cm. How can we be so lucky? And already these past few days have been every shade of amazing you can possibly imagine. Pure luck - and we're here!

WOOOAAAHHHH...!!!! Hear the scream - see the SMILE! Happy face indeed! :-)

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